The “green” electricity tariff is valid for legal entities and households, provided that solar stations are installed. At a special price, the state buys electricity from the owners of alternative sources, if the solar station fully generates electricity to the grid or covers its own electricity needs and sells the surplus. The price of a “green” tariff depends on several factors.

 The price of the “green” tariff is 2021 

Although the amount of the green tariff connection itself does not depend on the planned capacity of the station, the amount of tariff payments directly depends on the total capacity of the facility. Second, the rate of the “green” tariff is determined depending on whether the station is located on the roof or on the ground. The following are calculations for ground stations based on annual generation per year. With a minimum power of 100 kW, it can be repaid in 5 years.

“Green” tariff for legal person 

If you, as a business owner, have decided to invest in the installation of solar stations, first consult with experts about the research of the object where you plan to build the station. Are there all the technical conditions for this? After all, to develop a model of station placement, there are mandatory rules for installing modules. Sufficient area, no obstacles to sunlight during lighting hours, the orientation of the modules to the South for maximum performance. A detailed project plan is developed by Unisolar specialists for a specific request.

 If for households the maximum power of a solar power plant is 50 kW, then for industrial solar power plants there are no such restrictions. And at high power investments will pay off much faster. In case of successful installation, it is already possible to connect the “green” tariff and earn by selling the generated electricity to the centralized network.

How to connect a “green” tariff 

After installing the equipment and connecting the solar panels, a license from the electricity producer is obtained. Then it is mandatory to examine the compliance of the equipment with the standards. The next stage is the coordination of the “green” tariff with the National Commission for Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NKREKP). And then the contract for sale of the electric power to the state is already made.

Documents for connecting the “green” tariff for legal person

To establish a “green” tariff, you need to prepare the following documents:

• designed documentation of the station (certified devices, acts and documents from the panel manufacturer)

 • technical passport of modules and inverters 

• ownership or lease agreement for the facility where the station is located 

• application for connection of the power plant to the “green” tariff 

• connection diagram of power plant power plants

• copy of identification code and passport 

• agreement on opening a current account in the bank, to which the tariff will be paid.

After all the documents are available, an agreement is concluded between the owner and Oblenergo for the reception and transmission of electricity.

 We at Unisolar sell  stations on a turn-key basis, so we undertake the preparation of all necessary documentation or offer customers with the implemented station to connect to the “green” tariff as a separate service. 

The future of the green tariff in Ukraine

The tariff rate for stations decreases annually, as does the cost of all equipment. Therefore it is necessary to connect it as early as possible that the price was higher. There is a “green” tariff until 2030, but after the completion of this program the state will introduce “green” auctions for the further development of alternative energy, which is rapidly gaining popularity in Ukraine. In the future, experts predict the growth of renewable energy sources (RES) from 10% to 20-40% by 2050. In Ukraine, the share of RES in the structure of electricity production may reach 70% by 2050.

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