Procedure for processing documents for the “green” tariff. 

 If you decide to connect the “green” tariff for electricity to the installed solar station, you need prepare all the documentation carefully. After its inspection, the state will be able to buy the generated electricity from you at a special price. This will  provide you with a return on investment in the solar station

Documentation for connecting the”green” tariff 

Before preparing documents for the establishment of a “green” tariff, you must first obtain a license for the right to conduct business in the production of electricity from the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NCSREU). The list of documents includes:

 1. Technical passports of panels and inverters. 

2. A document confirming the ownership of the land or a lease agreement for the land where the station is located. 

3. Declaration of readiness of the facility for operation.

 4. Scheme of connection of the object to the electric network with the designation of electricity meters. 

5. Panel and inverter supply contracts. 

The next step is to establish “green” tariff. The list of documents includes:

 1. Explanatory note to the construction project of the electric power facility.

 2. Agreement about connection to electrical networks and technical conditions for connection to electrical networks of electrical installations. 

3. Consolidated estimate of the value of the construction object. 

4. Message about beginning of construction works and declaration of readiness of the facility for operation.

After approval of the documents, the “green” tariff  is set. After checking the availability of all documents, an agreement is concluded between the owner and Oblenergo for the distribution of electricity, and with NPC UKRENERGO – an agreement for the transmission of electricity. After that, a contract for the sale of electricity is concluded with the state enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer”.

Terms of realization of the “green” tariff. 

Transfer the land to the energy appointment 

 Before starting the construction of a ground solar station, it is necessary to transfer the land to the purpose of energy. Unlike the roof SES, this is a prerequisite for the ground station to connect to the “green” tariff.

Changing the purpose of the land, the owner only needs to submit an application to the state body and accompanying documents (a copy of the deed of ownership of land, a copy of passport or constituent documents, documents on encumbrances and justification of the change of purpose). After considering the documents, the state body gives the permission for the sale of the station.

Advantages of the “green” tariff for stations up to 1 MW

The amount of payments depends on the total capacity of the facility. Home solar stations under the “green” tariff with a capacity of up to 1 MW can also be put under the “green” tariff. The “green” tariff rate for 2022 for a ground station is 10.24 Eurocents / kWh. As for the rate for roof stations  in 2022 it will be 11.18 Eurocents / kWh.

 For example, we can consider the payback rates of our implemented cases on a turn-key basis:


As you can see, the industrial solar station pays off quite quickly under the “green” tariff. The “green” tariff in Ukraine is valid until 2030, and its rate is gradually decreasing every year. Therefore, we at Unisolar recommend to connect it in 2021-2022. Our team is ready to take on both: the process of connecting to the “green” tariff and the complex implementation of a turnkey solar power plant.

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