Why it is worth to rent an inverter?

 If the inverter at your solar station has stopped working, this is not a reason to stop generating electricity because we offer inverter equipment for rent. 

Causes of inverter failure 

Another reason for replacing the inverter in a solar station is the mismatch of its characteristics with the load in the electrical network from the station. To avoid this, it is necessary to conduct a regular audit, which predicts possible overloads in some parts of the system.

 Another reason for the forced repair of the inverter is a violation of the requirements and standards of installation. For example, in places of overheating or with unacceptable humidity, vapors of aggressive liquids or in places prone to other air pollutants from flowering plants.

Infrequency maintenance of inverters also leads to station failure. Solar station equipment should be systematically cleaned of dust, especially cooling fans.

Advantages of renting inverter equipment

The main advantage is the uninterrupted operation of the solar station while the inverter is being repaired. And this guarantees a stable profitability of the organization (despite the additional cost of rent). For example, consider the case of replacing a broken inverter with a rental inverter Fronius Eco.0-3-S on the roof SES with a capacity of 200 kWh in the city of Kiev: As we can see from the calculation in the table, in 23 days the station generated 2751.03 kWh, the probable profit on the “green” tariff in 2020 would be 329.3 euros, with a rent of 75.9 euros.

If you take this case in terms of 60 days, the profit would be 721 euros, rent – 198 euros, in the end – 523 euros of net profit. It should be considered that the repair may take longer if the inverter needs to be sent to the manufacturer. Such simple stations are directly proportional to the owner’s profits, so rental inverters are the best way to maintain generation targets.

Inverter interoperability 

Unisolar – the official representative of the top equipment for solar stations in the world (Huawei, Fronius, Azzurro, SMA).

Like a company that installs, audits and repairs solar power plants, Unisolar has the ability to lease inverters to prevent a decline in solar power generation.

Terms of  inverters rent 

 Concluding a lease agreement for the equipment for the solar station and the acceptance certificate. The contract includes: conditions for transportation of the inverter, installation and dismantling, rules of use and diagnostics on return. 

• Payment of collateral and rent for the use of the inverter at the solar station. The size is determined depending on the generation capacity of the station, the equipment rental period and the month of the year. For example, give the calculation of the replacement of the inverter in the solar station.

The cost of logistics is determined according to the transporter’s tariffs. Diagnostics of the equipment after use will cost 20 euros. The rent of the inverter for 1 day is 3.3 euros. The collateral value is 1,800 euros (but the final amount of the collateral is negotiated for permanent customers).

After using the inverter equipment, return it in a good condition, in the original packaging, including insurance from the transport company. The deposit is transferred after screening of the inverter by service engineers, with serviceability check, absence of pollution and mechanical damages. 

Minimize generation losses due to station shutdown with leased equipment from Unisolar!

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