Sep 13, 2021

In October 2018, at a specialized exhibition of solar energy  we met with our future customers. We discussed the novelties and trends of 2019and also our opportunities and experience in implementing megawatt projects.

 Our second meeting took place after the client applied to IKNET for an external connection project. They, in turn, recommended us as a reliable company that can implement this project.

 The client had a site for a solar station and he wanted not just to invest in solar energy but he wanted modern new solutions in equipment. 

During negotiations with Unisolar and the customer, it was decided that high-end equipment will allow to make more profit and less generation losses.

After receiving the terms of reference from the customer, the team began pre-project work: 

• Developing of the concept for solar station; 

• Implementation of a 3D model station sketch; 

• Analysis and calculation of possible shading; 

• Selection of optimal equipment configurations; 

• Calculation of generation forecast and a pay-back of investments.

The next step was the stage of design: 

• Development of a working project;

 • Project coordination; 

• Preparation of executive and permit documentation for the beginning of construction.

 So, when everything was agreed with the client, we signed a contract for the equipment supply and a general contract.

 In parallel with the equipment supply, construction and installation work began:

 • leveling the site;

 • fence installation, paving the  piles;

 • foundations construction  for KTP and administrative building; 

• installation of structures and panels;

 • laying cable lines;

 • installation of switchboard equipment and inverters;

 • installation of KTP.

Electrical works and commissioning:

 • connection of switchboard equipment; 

• connection of inverters;

 • connection of 0.4 kV substation;

 • commissioning and monitoring settings. 

Features: all inverters are installed in one place for easy maintenance.

Equipment at the station:

 • Longi Bifacial 355-72cell – 3330 pieces.

 • Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S – 37 pieces.

 • KBE DC cable 6 mm squares.

 • Galvanized structures for concreting, two-row vertical configuration

 • ABB and ETI switchboard equipment 

So, we have implemented one more object on a turn-key basis   with a capacity of 1 MW. This is our first station on Bifacial panels. 

Special participation:

 • Kolobov Anton 

• Sokolan Andrew

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