Sep 12, 2021

June 2018. Unisolar has received a request to excit for roof measurements in the city of Rivne. It was an unequipped, empty roof of a metal base and office buildings next to it. 

The client wanted to invest in a new branch of business and, of course, make the object on  a turn-key basis as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Development of a solar station concept, feasibility study;

 • Analysis of the roof; 

• Implementation of a 3D model sketch of the station; 

• Analysis and calculation of possible shading;

 • Selection of optimal equipment configurations; 

• Calculation of approximate generation and the pay-back of investments. 

The client was satisfied with the pre-project calculations and quickly signed the contract.

Next, the Unisolar team could move on to the design stages, which included:

 • Formation of technical specifications, feasibility studies, territorial unit costs;

 • Preparation of executive and permit documentation for the beginning of construction;

• Development of a working project;

 • Project coordination;

 • Going through the expertise 

So, when everything was agreed with the client and special structures, we signed a contract for the equipment supply and a general contract. 

After all the necessary equipment was delivered to the site of the future station, the Unisolar team began installation. Only 2.5 weeks, exactly 14 working days were spent on the installation of 207 kW. 

Unisolar also provided services for obtaining a license, membership in the energy market, an agreement with the energy market, obtaining a “green tariff”, the ASCA agreement.


• Two different types of Renusol mounts;

 • Quick installation: 2.5 weeks. 

Equipment that was  used:

 • Photomodules – Jinko Solar JKM280P-60 – 842 pieces 

• Inverter – Fronius Eco 27-3-S – 6 pieces 

• Inverter – Fronius Symo 15-3-M – 3 pieces

 • Cable – KBE

 • Fastening – Renusol 

What we got in the end and what we are proud of:

 •  Industrial rooftop solar power plant on a turn-key basis;

 • Service contract; 

• The first commercial roofing SES in Rivne; 

• Test mode showed good results; 

• SES power: 207 kW

 Special participation of the Unisolar team:

 • Kolobov Anton

 • Denis Petrichenko 

• Jules Alexander 

• Sokolan Andrew

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