Aerothermographic and thermal imaging testing of the solar station

What for to carry out service of  power plant and what are the types of testing

Inspection of the Solar Station

Solar station is a large system that generates and supplies electricity. And like any technically complex system, it needs regular monitoring and regular maintenance for trouble-free operation. An integral part of the station are solar  modules, the effective operation of which depends on many factors. Checking the influence of such factors, as well as the operational condition of electrical equipment is performed by Unisolar specialists during technical inspections. Such inspections can be performed separately – such as an independent technical audit, and are included in the maintenance of the solar station as mandatory components of maintenance. To the general set of works during the inspection are included aerothermographic and visual examination of solar modules, local thermal imaging examinations of detected anomalies in the operation of equipment, control measurements of volt-ampere characteristics of individual modules and strings, inspection of inverter equipment and inspection of cable networks.

Inspection of the solar station identifies potential problems, the nature and number of existing defects, allows to establish the causes of their occurrence. The result of the perfomed  work is an expert conclusion with a plan to eliminate the identified weaknesses of the solar station.

What is a thermal imaging survey of a solar station 

Thermal imaging of the modules clearly detects faults in the entire area of ​​the solar panels, especially in the electrical connections. And this method of diagnosis is more optimal. After all, to conduct a survey in this way does not need to stop the station. The thermal image shows faults in some areas of the panels that have hot spots – this means that there is a connection problem. “Hot spots” or “overheating” indicate defective diodes, cracks or short circuits of photomodules.

Aerothermographic examination of solar panels

 If you have a large area of an industrial solar station, besides the thermal imaging of photovoltaic modules, it is recommended to check them with an industrial drone. It is run by experts to get the current and potential panel problems on the interactive map. A survey of the solar station by a drone shows the critical level of problems on the modules.

Drones record the increase of the panel temperature from a few tenths degree and immediately transmit GPS coordinates to the software. Data from drones give a wider view on the station, help to find and correct faults. Failure of one solar panel is physically harder to find than a drone can do. And if you do not notice it, it will negatively affect the hardware parameters of the entire system and may spread to other panels.

Why to carry out service of solar stations 

Thermal imaging inspection of photovoltaic modules and aerothermographic inspections of solar panels provides complete monitoring of the station. This allows you to have a complete picture of its service life. After all, the efficiency and longevity of the station is influenced by the quality of solar panels, which means that it affects the return on investment in a solar power plant.

Advantages of complex service of a  solar station 

The main advantage is that timely maintenance of the solar station increases its efficiency and reduces repair costs. And this in turn affects the amount of investment.

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