Service of solar power plants

Unisolar is the official distributor and service partner of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for solar power plants in Ukraine.

However, despite the manufacturer’s warranty obligations, any equipment requires periodic service and constant monitoring during operation.

It’s no secret that the rate of return on investment directly depends on the performance of the solar power plant.

That’s why we at Unisolar offer a comprehensive service to ensure the smooth operation of solar power plants:

  • System remote monitoring of the station 24/7;
  • Carrying out scheduled work to ensure maximum productivity of SES. The frequency of regular service is determined according to the specifics and quantity of installed equipment;
  • Inspection of the station to identify faults / defects. The inspection may be carried out before the plant is put into operation to check the operation of the installation organization or directly during operation in case of detection of a decrease in the planned indicators of electricity generation;
  • Operational elimination of emergency situations during operation;
  • Replacing damaged equipment to restore the station as soon as possible. We have our own replacement fund for this;
  • Repair of equipment;
  • Manual or technical cleaning of modules from dirt;
  • Carrying out installation and commissioning work.

The SES inspection consists of the following steps:

  • Detection and assessment of module contamination / dust;
  • Conducting thermography using a drone with thermal imaging cameras;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Thermography with a manual thermal imager and a device for measuring volt-ampere characteristics;
  • Providing a full post-inspection report with conclusions, protocols and recommendations;
  • Eliminate defects or malfunctions where possible on site;
  • Processing the results of the report and passing them to the manufacturer.

Full agreement of all defects found with the manufacturer and receipt of results (warranty / non-warranty) with subsequent refund or replacement of the defective unit.

We are the official distributor of leading and reliable international panel companies Jinko Solar, ZNShine, Longi, GCL and inverters Fronius, Azzurro, SMA, Huawei, Victron Energy in Ukraine.

Therefore, regular scheduled maintenance is an important component of any solar power plant. This allows you to identify breakdowns, defects, contaminants and other causes that may affect the reduction of generation. And then fix them on the spot or with the manufacturer’s warranty.

System remote monitoring of the station 24/7 allows you to constantly monitor the operation of your solar power plant and respond quickly to any changes in generation.

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      Our specialists have been certified by the world’s manufacturers of equipment for solar power plants: Fronius, Jinko Solar, SMA, ABB, Huawei;
      We assume all warranty claims against manufacturers;
      We have our own replacement equipment for the smooth operation of your station;
      We provide remote system monitoring 24/7;
      Ready to train your employees at each stage of the planned service.
      Unisolar will help your solar power plant to generate according to the forecast without interruption and avoid unwanted costs!