Unisolar provides comprehensive service and audit of solar stations throughout Ukraine


Technical audit

    Aerothermographic examination

    Visual inspection of FEM

    Measurement of volt-ampere characteristics



    Forecasting electricity generation will be mandatory for all participants in the solar market

    from January 1, 2021


Operational maintenance

    Maintenance of string (central) inverters, KTP

    Monitoring, review and reporting

    Protection of the complex and maintenance of FES


Dispatching (monitoring)

    Dispatching supervision is based on round-the-clock monitoring of station performance, operational control of electricity generation and management of FES equipment

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We perform three types of audit: planned, emergency and investment. This service allows you to assess the actual condition of the solar station, identify equipment malfunctions and provide recommendations for troubleshooting. Aerothermographic inspection and visual inspection of the FEM array Local thermographic inspection and visual inspection of FEM Measurement of the I – V characteristics of the FEM array Measurement of I – V characteristics of FEM Carrying out of L-test of FEM


We provide reports on the possible generation of solar energy based on your equipment in the appropriate technical conditions, with the ability to transfer data directly to government. * This procedure will be mandatory for all market participants from January 1, 2021. Forecasting up to 10 days in advance Adjust data every 6 hours or every 30 minutes during daylight hours Hourly or intra-time forecasting Data delivery to FTP server (.CSV file) or via API (.XML file) Production forecasting, GHI, GTI, DNI, temperature (2m), wind speed and direction (10m), pressure, humidity, precipitation Adjustment of forecast data based on the local weather station and the production curve of a particular object Ability to transfer data directly to the "Guaranteed Buyer"


We provide maintenance and upkeep of the main and auxiliary elements of the solar power plant Control and inspection Reporting deficiencies Inverter maintenance KTP maintenance General works (protection, cleaning of FEM, maintenance of the territory of FES) Testing of personal protective equipment available at the station Checking fire extinguishers


We service the territory and facilities of the solar power plant, clean photovoltaic modules, administrative work. Visual inspection of the mechanical integrity of buildings and structures Cleaning the surface of the photovoltaic station Mowing the grass on the territory of the photovoltaic station Snow clearing of the photovoltaic station Inspection of the integrity of the station fence Testing the operation of automation devices, alarms, communications, the correctness of the clock in the workplace Checking the efficiency of backup equipment Water supply for the needs of the station staff


Solar power plant in your smartphone. We conduct operator supervision of the solar power plant, planned operational monitoring of the main indicators of the FES, data analysis, provide reporting. Visualization of technological parameters of FES on PC or other devices Operational control of electricity generation in real time Operational automatic, semi-automatic, manual mode of control of the electric equipment of the solar power plant Monitoring of pre-emergency conditions of equipment and prompt decision-making based on the obtained data Monitoring, accounting and registration of parameters required for analysis and evaluation of equipment operation

Feedback on the service of the solar power plant from the owner of FES “Vodotia”

FES "Vodotii", Zhytomyr region. Installed capacity - 3,077 MW

    Advantages of connecting the FES monitoring and dispatching system

    The main indicators of the station that affect the generation, ie your income


    Reduce system maintenance and repair costs


    Prompt detection and elimination of problems that can reduce the productivity of the station


    Alarm notification and processing


    View statistics of the station on various parameters for any period of time


    Access to the scheduling system via an Internet browser


    Access monitoring via mobile devices on the Android or iOS platform from anywhere


    Business analytics for the station owner

    Who needs a “Solar Power Plant Audit”?

    Solar power plant audit is the selection of key indicators for further assessment of the generation or price of a used solar power plant

    Owners of a solar power plant

    We implement a set of actions related to the audit of all indicators of the station and provide expert advice to eliminate existing and current problems of the station

    Potential investors

    We provide a complete report on the operation of the station, assess the generation and value of equipment and provide advice on the price of a used solar power plant

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      Unisolar is a turnkey solar power company.
      We have sold more than 250 MW in various projects in the markets of Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the CIS.


      years of work in the field of solar energy


      industrial stations for service


      foreign partners and suppliers

      The process of implementing the service of solar power plants

      Sequence of execution:

      Step 1

      Analysis of input data

      You fill out the contact form on the site, our specialists contact you and provide a superficial consultation on a set of expected, individual work for the customer.

      Step 2


      We provide a detailed template for filling in the input data of the station for further processing and creating an individual offer of customer service.

      Step 3


      Our specialists conduct a full inspection of the station, give an overall assessment of equipment and generation and provide recommendations for the use of certain individual services.

      Step 4


      Upon identification of needs and provided input data about the customer's station, our specialist creates an individual commercial offer with calculations and the cost of potential services.

      Step 5


      We provide an individually developed cooperation agreement and submit it to the customer for approval and signing.

      Step 6


      Implementation of customer service station services, reporting, provision of indicators.

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        Service of solar power plants at the highest level at affordable prices

        Have you already installed high-quality, durable solar panels in your own home or company? In this case, you will definitely need timely maintenance of solar power plants. To do this, you can always use the services of our company, which is an authorized service partner of the world’s top manufacturers in the field of solar energy. We provide comprehensive service, audit of solar stations throughout the country.

        Maintenance of solar power plants in Unisolar

        The list of services for the maintenance of solar power plants includes:

        • technical audit;
        • aerothermographic study;
        • visual inspection and inspection of structures;
        • measurement of all characteristics and indicators.

        In addition, we provide services for forecasting, operational and maintenance, maintenance, protection and maintenance of FES. Each service has individual features and benefits. We can develop an individual service package for the station.

        If you are interested in technical audit of stations, keep in mind that it is of different types: investment, planned, emergency. This allows you to immediately determine the general condition of the solar station, identify faults and provide recommendations to avoid significant problems.

        What is forecasting for? Now, we can say that this is a necessary service that involves reporting on the possibility of generating solar energy based on your equipment. This takes into account the location of solar stations, the number of panels and other details.

        What other work does solar power maintenance include?

        Mandatory moment – operational and operational maintenance. We guarantee maintenance, maintenance of technical condition of equipment and its additional elements. Of course, we inspect the stations, check their operation. If there are any deviations, we provide reporting to customers.

        You can also order general services: module cleaning, administrative work, visual inspection and work control. Even if necessary, it is possible to mow the grass in the area where the panels are installed and remove snow, as this can really interfere with the proper operation of the systems.

        Do you want to order company services? Leave an application online or by phone.