Our company has been in the solar energy market of Ukraine for 11 years. During this time, the total capacity of the implemented projects with our participation is over 250 MW.

Unisolar implements a full range of turnkey solar power plant solutions:

  • Construction of terrestrial solar power plants for own consumption for business;
  • Construction of rooftop solar power plants for own consumption for business;
  • Construction of FES under the “green” tariff for business and private households.

Design, construction and installation of SES “turnkey” is carried out with the signing of a contract and quality guarantees from the company.

We are the official distributor of leading and reliable international panel companies Jinko Solar, ZNShine, Longi, GCL and inverters Fronius, Azzurro, SMA, Huawei, Victron Energy in Ukraine.

Our company has all the necessary licenses to perform construction and installation work on the installation of SES.

Building a solar power plant – what is it?

> p class = “fontsize_20″> SES – a set of engineering solutions that convert sunlight into electricity. Today, the most common and effective in terms of “price-quality” is the construction of SES on solar panels of mono- or polycrystalline silicon. That is why the choice is usually made between these two types.

The main components of a solar station:

  • Solar panels;
  • Inverter;
  • DC / AC protection kits;
  • Mounting kit;
  • Cables, consumables;

A professionally installed solar power plant has been operating for over 30 years.

Each project is individual and calculated according to the needs of the customer.

Unisolar is the only general contractor to guarantee the quality of the installed equipment, generation performance and reliability of the station.

Our benefits:

  • We perform a full range of work: from the analysis of the possibility of building a solar power plant to the implementation of the project.
  • We are installing solar power plants in all regions of Ukraine. You can view our work in the “Projects” section.
  • We use certified equipment from reliable global manufacturers and partners.
  • Each piece of equipment is officially imported to Ukraine and has manufacturer’s guarantees.
  • We support permitting and approval procedures for obtaining a “green” tariff.
  • We perform operational and operational service. We have our own operational warehouse of equipment and spare parts.



Preliminary design analysis
Analysis of the possibility of building SES;
Calculation of PVsyst forecast generation;
Technical and economic analysis of the feasibility of building SES;
Development of a sketch of a 3D project model;
Approval of the vehicle for design.


Connection specifications
Development of a feasibility study for connection to the Oblenergo network (if necessary);
Obtaining the necessary technical conditions for the connection of SES;
Approval of vehicles for connection to the Oblenergo network.


Design work
Exploration works (geology and geodesy) (at the ground station)
Choice of equipment;
SES project development;
Development of a project to connect to the SES network;
Development of technical specifications and ASKOE project.


Design work
Exploration works (geology and geodesy) (at the ground station)
Choice of equipment;
SES project development;
Development of a project to connect to the SES network;
Development of technical specifications and ASKOE project.


Getting Permit (Green Tariff)
Obtaining a license for the right to generate electricity NKREKP;
Getting a “green” tariff;
Registration of the contract of “purchase and sale” of the electric power.


Final stages of electricity generation
Registration of the procedure for working with OSP and SRF;
Concluding a contract of sale with SE “Guaranteed Buyer”.

Examples of works

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      Features of construction of turnkey solar power plants

      Unisolar is the initiator of the network of solar power plants for home consumption and business needs, a leader in the field of design of SES facilities. The company has been operating in the Ukrainian market for 11 years and during this time has been able to implement many projects with a capacity of 250 MW. We offer fruitful cooperation in the field of solar energy, provide consulting and a full range of services for the construction and maintenance of environmentally friendly power plants, including technical, financial, legal aspects.

      Installation of solar panels in Ukraine is due to favorable climatic conditions and geographical location. The level of insolation or the amount of solar radiation is sufficient to implement the design procedure SES. Our country has created positive legal conditions that stimulate investment in the development of alternative energy sources. The increase in the cost of electricity justifies the material costs of generating its own electricity. Therefore, the construction of SES is a promising direction in the segment of energy development of the country.

      The main priorities for the construction of solar power plants

      Solar energy and energy saving are based on the creation of complex engineering objects that are able to convert light energy into electricity. The most common and effective in the work and the criterion of “price-quality” are SES, built on solar panels, the panels of which are made of crystalline silicon. The main advantages of creating reliable power plants for business are the reduction of the cost of electricity compared to the tariffs of the general grid. The equipment installed by Unisolar allows to provide the cost of 1 kW / h up to 5-7 eurocents, depending on the geographical location and capacity of the power plant.

      The structure of the classic object SES:

      • solar module;
      • inverter;
      • DC / AC protection kits;
      • components of fasteners;
      • Kabul;
      • consumables.

      Properly designed and professional construction of solar panels, compliance with the conditions of commissioning ensures long-term operation of power plants (over 30 years).

      The design and construction of turnkey solar power plants includes a set of solutions for the creation of terrestrial, roof SES, FES under the “green tariff” for use by private households and for business purposes. The installation of solar panels is carried out according to the project, which involves the creation and signing of a contract with a quality guarantee from the company. Panels and inverters from leading manufacturers GCL, Jinko Solar, Azzurro, Longi, Victron Energy, Huawei and SMA are used in the installation of the equipment.

      The company’s activities are regulated by the availability of relevant licenses for construction, installation work on the organization of solar power plants. The cost of work is calculated according to the individual needs of the client.

      Benefits of customer cooperation with Unisolar

      Unisolar guarantees the quality, reliability and performance of the equipment. Preparation and construction of SES is carried out in several successive stages:

      • project analysis: capability assessment, generation calculation, economic feasibility;
      • preparation of the preliminary sketch of the project and its approval;
      • creation of technical conditions for connection to the city grid;
      • carrying out design works: geodesy, selection of devices and equipment, preparation of the commissioning project;
      • construction, preparation of documents;
      • obtaining licenses for connection “green tariff”;
      • sale of the finished object.

      Installation of solar panels by our company has the following advantages: full range of works from project creation to its implementation, receiving orders for construction of industrial power plants of roof and roof type, autonomous or home use, project costing and equipment selection, search for land, houses, facilities for the installation of photovoltaic modules, conducting all work related to the installation of equipment, commissioning, commissioning, qualified support at all stages of the project. The work uses machinery and equipment from reliable foreign partners. Our specialists are ready to conduct periodic audits and maintenance of their facilities.