Unisolar has been the official distributor and service partner of leading international panel manufacturers Jinko Solar, ZNShine, Longi, GCL and inverters Fronius, Azzurro, SMA, Huawei, Victron Energy in Ukraine for over than 11 years. 

We carry out complex deliveries of the equipment for solar power plants:

  • Solar panels; 
  • Inverters; 
  • DC / AC protection kits; 
  • Fastening; 
  • Cables, conductors

Our company specializes in individual selection of equipment for our customers. We have our own warehouses in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Odessa, so we always can quickly deliver the necessary equipment and components throughout Ukraine.

Ми маємо власні складські приміщення у Києві, Вінниці та Одесі, тому завжди можемо швидко доставити необхідне обладнання і комплектуючі по всій Україні.


Thanks to stable partnerships with manufacturers, we officially supply products to Ukraine without intermediaries. We have all the official guarantees for products from manufacturers. We perform technical and guaranteed product maintenance.





Selection of the required configuration


Detailed miscalculation


Product order


Delivery and shipment. 


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      Equipment for solar power plants

      Alternative energy sources are a real chance for small and large enterprises, as well as individuals to switch to a profitable and environmentally friendly type of consumption of natural resources. The solar power plant can be installed on the roof or on separate supports. If it is a private house or cottage, you can handle the installation yourself, it is important to choose quality components.

      In Ukraine, renewable energy sources are used less often, but there is a tendency to increase demand for SES installation services. Among the many companies offering such services is Unisolar. We work conscientiously, provide specialized advice and can perform any type of work related to the installation, maintenance and repair of solar power plants.

      What elements make up a solar power plant?

      For installation of full-fledged system the following types of accessories will be required:

      • solar panels – they capture light, convert it to direct current and transmit it to the inverter;
      • inverter – is used to convert DC to AC, also performs the function of voltage equalization;
      • fastening system – this includes cables as well as elements for reliable installation of panels on the roof of the building or free-standing supports.

      The buyer has the opportunity to order a station assembly or pick up all the components yourself. It should be noted that it is first important to determine the required capacity of the solar power plant. Based on this, you can buy solar equipment at the most affordable price.

      Unisolar is a reliable supplier of equipment for solar power plants

      We are trusted by small and large customers from all over Ukraine. On the site you can get acquainted with the portfolio of finished works, learn about the terms of cooperation. We provide qualified advice on alternative energy sources. We will help you choose the most appropriate equipment, taking into account the location of the object, solar insolation, the required power reserve.

      We help to draw up all the necessary documents, connect to the “green tariff”, provide service of SES of any capacity. They cooperate with us, recommend us, contact company representatives and see for themselves the high professionalism of Unisolar employees.