Canopies that made of solar panels are another functional architectural solution. 

Unisolar designs and implements hinged systems for every request:

  • Parking canopies for both petrol cars and electric cars;
  • Industrial canopies on production and storage areas; 
  • Terraces.

Solar canopies not only protect against weather factors and provide shade, but also produce energy that can be used to cover their own consumption or network sales. A special frame closes the gaps between the solar modules, and the photovoltaic modules themselves are a sealed surface under which a car park, workshop, warehouse, terrace, etc. can be located. 

The hinged system can be installed separately from the building or combined with an existing building. Make the best use of your own space, becoming energy independent! 

For owners of electric cars, such a parking canopy is a real mast. After all, as electricity tariffs continue to rise, “refueling” electric cars is becoming more expensive for owners. If you charge the electric car exclusively from solar energy of own production, the annual cost of driving will be reduced by 450-900 €, which is 69% savings. 

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      Photoelectric canopies

      Modern technologies are developing very fast, and Ukraine is a European country, whose inhabitants are trying to create the best living conditions for themselves. Not surprisingly, electric cars are very popular today, which minimizes the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. One of the functional and practical architectural solutions are canopies made of solar panels, under which you can park your electric car, ensuring its charging from the energy of the sun’s rays. Also, such structures can be used to solve a number of industrial and domestic problems. Unisolar specializes in the design and implementation of hinged systems of varying complexity, adapting them to any request.

      Scope of photovoltaic canopies

      Architectural solutions such as photovoltaic canopy can be used to solve the following problems:

      • functional parking area equipment for electric cars and petrol cars;
      • creation of a terrace with autonomous power supply;
      • meeting the needs of warehouses and industrial areas.

      Functional and modern photo panel canopy not only protects the area from weather factors and creates comfort, but also promotes the production of electricity that can be used for their own needs or sold to the grid.

      Features of the photoelectric canopy design

      When equipping a canopy with photo panels, a special frame is used, which closes the gaps in space between the modules. Solar panels are made as an airtight surface, so under them you can safely equip a car park, storage room, workshop, terrace for relaxation and more.

      The architectural structure of the hinged type can be installed separately from the main building or as an integral part of it. This solution will help you not only to make optimal use of the existing space in the property, but also to become energy independent.

      Tariffs for electricity from the centralized system are constantly growing, so photovoltaic canopies have become a real find for owners of electric vehicles and private homes seeking energy independence. You can order high-quality products, as well as a set of services for the installation of turnkey facilities in the company Unisolar.