FACADE constructions

Facade constructions are one of the most promising directions in the development of solar systems. After all, a solar station can be not only an uninterrupted source of electricity, but also serve as a modern architectural element. 

BIPV (Building-integrated photovoltaics) are dual-purpose solar power plants. In addition to the main function – energy generation, BIPV-stations completely replace part of the external structures of the building and perform all the same functions as a normal wall or roof. 

Solar modules of such stations provide protection against weather, external noise, the sun and even cold at the same time.

Thanks to these technologies and the spread of renewable energy consumption, Unisolar can implement any architectural design with the latest modules. They consist of transparent or translucent photovoltaic glass and can have different colors. 

Why should you choose facade solutions?

  • Generation of clean energy;
  • Consumption of electricity generated for own needs or sale under the “green” tariff;
  • Optimization of areas for the solar station;
  • Save money on building materials;
  • Providing additional light to the room due to the partial transparency of the panels;
  • Support for thermoregulation inside the building;
  • Modern and attractive appearance of the building.


Canopies made of solar panels are another functional architectural solution. Unisolar designs and implements hinged systems for every request:

  • Parking canopies for both petrol and electric cars;
  • Industrial sheds on production and storage areas;
  • Terraces.

“Solar” canopies not only protect from weather factors and provide shade, but also produce energy that can be used for blocking own consumption or sales to the network.

For owners of electric cars, such a parking canopy is a real mast. After all, as electricity tariffs continue to rise, “refueling” electric cars is becoming more expensive for owners. If you charge the electric car exclusively from solar energy of own production, the annual cost of driving will be reduced by 450-900 €, which is 69% savings.

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      What are facade PV solutions and who needs them?

      Why use old technologies and solutions that are really outdated and can harm the environment. Especially now that we offer a huge number of original solutions that provide efficiency and are inexpensive, even profitable. This suggests that it is now possible to reduce the level of negative emissions into the atmosphere, instead receiving a design that can even bring passive income from the sun.

      The 21st century involves regular changes as the planet changes at almost the speed of light. That is why the best, very promising solution – facade PV. Solar stations can be not only a source of energy, but also a modern architectural element.

      Why order facade PV solutions?

      In general, today PV solutions are solar power plants, which have a dual purpose: energy generation, replacement of external structures of buildings. And such elements can play the role of both walls and even the roof. Solar modules guarantee protection against weather, external noise, sun and even cold.

      Due to these unique technologies, any architectural design can be realized by installing new modules. They consist of transparent, translucent photovoltaic glass, can have a variety of colors.

      The advantages of choosing facade solutions include the following points:

      • generation of ecological, perfect clean and safe energy;
      • the possibility of using the energy produced for their own needs or for sale at a “green tariff”;
      • optimization of the area for solar systems;
      • saving money on building materials for construction;
      • providing additional light due to the transparency of the panel;
      • maintaining the optimum indoor temperature.

      Such solutions look modern and stylish.

      Features of hinged systems

      Another very functional architectural solution is canopies made of solar systems. In our company you can order:

      • parking canopies;
      • industrial structures;
      • terraces.

      Such solar canopies not only protect from weather factors, but also provide shade, but also produce energy that can also be used for personal purposes.

      Want to order PV solutions, solar panels or other structures that are capable of producing electricity? In this case, contact our company online or by phone.