Aerothermographic examination is based on the verification of photovoltaic modules using a drone. The result of drone survey is the construction of an interactive map that shows all existing and potential problems in the arrays of modules.

Data processing and analysis using software

On the basis of the received data it is found out:

  • The nature of the defects
  • Number of defects
  • Causes of defects
  • Critical level
  • Approximate amount of monetary losses from existing defects
  • Warranty / non-warranty coverage of detected defects


Examples of works

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      Aerothermographic survey of the solar station

      A solar station is a large-scale system that generates and supplies electricity to a house or industrial plant. Such a structure is a complex system, and therefore it requires regular monitoring and maintenance. It is the timely maintenance of the solar power plant that will ensure its uninterrupted operation.

      Solar modules are an important and integral part of such an alternative energy station. The efficiency of photovoltaic modules can depend on many factors. Unisolar specialists provide a range of maintenance services that include checking panels and the performance of electrical equipment. Such inspections may be carried out in the format of an independent technical audit or included in the maintenance of the solar station.

      The value of servicing solar power plants

      Inspection of the system, carried out by qualified specialists, helps to identify potential problems, existing defects, as well as to understand the factors that led to their appearance. The result of the work performed by technical masters will be an expert opinion containing a plan with recommendations for eliminating the identified shortcomings.

      The set of works offered by Unisolar includes:

      • visual and aerothermographic examination of all solar modules;
      • conducting local thermal inspections, which will help identify anomalies in the operation of equipment;
      • performing control measurements of volt-ampere characteristics of strings and individual modules;
      • inspection of inverter equipment performance;
      • check cable networks.

      Aerothermographic examination of photomodules is carried out in order to ensure full testing of the power plant. Such an inspection allows to obtain the most meaningful and complete information on energy efficiency and service life.

      Features of aerothermographic examination

      Aerothermographic inspection of equipment is carried out mainly on industrial sites with a fairly large area. Such an inspection is carried out using a specialized drone. Its launch allows technicians to obtain information on existing and potential panel problems, as well as transfer data to an interactive map.