Taking part in agrarian business conference OkArgo 2021


Unisolar took part in the conference as an “Energy Partner” at OkAgro 2021. The following important aspects of agriculture were reported from the stage:

What will be the agricultural enterprise of the future

The tendency of electricity tariffs from traditional suppliers for enterprises

Implemented cases of solar stations for agribusiness were shown

In Ukraine, the electricity price has increased over 60%   the last year. This gives grounds to think about the energy independence of enterprises through the installation of a solar power plant at an agricultural enterprise.

And over the last 5 years, the solar station has become 2 times cheaper, it means investments in the FES and its payback period has also changed to more attractive conditions for the implementation of the facility.

UAH 3,995 / MW-hour – a record price of October 12, 2021року.

Why is it profitable to switch on the clean energy?

1. Global tendency of increasing electricity tariffs

2. Politicized energy sector in Ukraine

3. Technologies are getting cheaper, the amount of investments and payback period is decreasing

4. European course of decarbonization  and achievements of climate neutrality Green Deal until  2050

5. The SWAM carbon control mechanism will become effective since 2023

What gives a green transformation to the enterprise?

1. Energy independence and autonomy

2. Savings and cost optimization

3. Reducing the cost of production

4. Increasing of agricultural harvest 

5. Price competitiveness

6. Low carbon level in production and consumption of the enterprise

7. Expands the export potential under the action of SWAM – mechanism

8. Added value and competitive advantage

9. Certification and receiving signs of the environmental friendliness of enterprises and productions 

10. Impact on reducing CO2 emissions and maintaining the health of future generations

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