The right choice of equipment configuration 

Anyone who has thought about building a station is always faced with the question of choosing the configuration of the equipment. How to choose PV modules? Which inverter? How to choose prefabricated structures? 

These are very individual questions and they  depend on many factors that we will talk about! 

First of all, you need to understand what capacity of the station is planned to be realized, and secondly – its location (roof station or ground). 

Based on these basic concepts, it is necessary to provide the general contractor with the size of the area designed for the installation of solar panels, and develop a commercial proposal with the optimal configuration of equipment based on the financial component and the wishes of the customer. 

Let’s analyze in detail the factors that need to pay attention to each customer when choosing equipment. 

Solar modules:

 There are sever types of them:

 Monocrystalline panels are high-efficiency, heat-resistant panels that have maximum energy efficiency and high power ratings, which allows you to place fewer panels at the pre-declared capacity of the station.

 Polycrystalline – less efficient than monocrystalline and have a lower efficiency due to outdated technology and are more affordable. This type of module is in demand among home, small stations.

 Thin-film modules are integrated into glass facades, have low efficiency in generation, but are effective in low light. This type of modules are designed for facade PV solutions – One of the most important factors when choosing solar modules is longevity. Reliable equipment manufacturers provide warranty conditions and a service life of 25 years. In addition, there is an official guarantee for the degradation of solar modules (the manufacturer guarantees that the efficiency of the module will be unchanged until the specified service life) 

There is also the question of size; it must be taken into account when implementing a commercial offer, based on the input data provided by the customer (involved area for modules). 

Given the practice of selling a large number of industrial facilities, we can give advice – size does not matter, and this is not about large modules. For competent placement and attraction of the maximum area we recommend to use modules of the small size for more flexible engineering decision and placement.

Inverter equipment 

Depending on the customer’s wishes and the estimated capacity, the design engineer offers several configuration options for solar inverters. 

To choose the right inverter equipment, you need to understand the prospects for future expansion of the station, warranty and service obligations of the manufacturer, technological solutions and pricing policy. 

For example, top manufacturers of inverter equipment provide technical support and software that allows you to monitor generation performance and even receive funds at a “green” rate through the web interface, it means from any of your gadgets connected to the Internet.

Installation structures 

Taking into account the technical conditions, every investor should understand that the station is a long-term investment, and small details are important in the implementation of solar energy, so we advise you to choose proven installation solutions that combined with high-performance, warranty equipment implement a project that will not require intervention during the specified warranty period.

 At Unisolar, we offer customers unique sales conditions.

• We provide an official warranty on all equipment;

 • We approach the development of a commercial offer individually and give several options for configuring the equipment, which allows you to develop a project of the station for your planned budget; 

• We undertake the approval of technical conditions and connection to the “green” tariff with Oblenergo; 

• We provide our partners with a year-round service and uninterrupted operation of the station, implemented with Unisolar. 

• Train your station staff in the basics of operating and maintaining the facility. 

Every investor who approaches the issue of station implementation correctly – gets the maximum efficiency of the FES and the minimum payback period of their investments!

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