Sep 13, 2021

Unfortunately, official distributors are unable to help a customer who purchased photovoltaic equipment on the black market without a guarantee, did not check the quality certificates, and even installed a solar station with the help of several organizations.

 ???? But even with formal collaboration directly with solar equipment manufacturers, there are always risks that need to be avoided or minimized.

 At the webinar we will consider key issues: 

??? What are the obligations of official distributors and dealers to the customer?

???? What risks and threats can be faced when importing equipment to Ukraine? 

???? How to buy solar panels and inverters without getting cheaper, how to recognize a counterfeit from the black market?

Unisolar speakers will tell how much time it takes to implement a project up to 1 MW, what is the price of such solar power plant. And also raise the issue of the business model of the roof station with the optimal selection of configurations.

Participation is free. 

Registration is open: https://build.energy-online.live/ 

The meeting at the online webinar, as always, will be interesting and useful! ????

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