Benefits of installing solar power plants for farmers 

How to combine renewable energy with farming and what gives such an innovative approach to agriculture. 

Modern farmers have found a profitable solution for the simultaneous production of food crops and electricity. How can solar power plants optimize space and make your business energy independent? Learn about agrovoltaics.

 What is agrivoltaics and its advantages?

Agrivoltaics for farmers is an innovative approach in the agricultural sector, which allows you to combine the benefits of energy from solar stations and farming in one area.

 Installation of solar stations is possible in planted fields. This optimizes the area and increases yields. After all, partial shading of the field promotes the growth of some crops and double cooling. Plants protected by panels take away carbon for photosynthesis, water comes out of the leaves, thus creating a cooler microclimate. It promotes plant growth and provides cooling of the solar modules themselves – which further reduces the loss of energy.

If agricultural companies install solar panels on the roofs of farms, it protects buildings from overheating by sunlight. It is important for livestock to maintain heat balance indoors. Photovoltaic modules reduce the temperature, which reduces the use of electricity for air conditioning / ventilation.

Besides the energy independence of the company, which it acquires due to its own solar power system, a bonus for the owner is the additional monetization of the area involved. At the same time, he earns money by growing plants or livestock and covers his own energy needs. Also, keep in mind the “green tariff” that can be connected to generate additional income from solar energy.

“Green tariff” for farmers

We want to remind that an economic entity can sell surplus energy to the state at a special “green” tariff when it consumes less energy than the installed solar station. To connect it, you need to obtain a license, pass an examination for compliance with the equipment and agree on a “green” tariff with the National Commission for Regulation of Energy and Utilities (Energy Regulators Regional Association).

Тож якщо фермери або аграрії прагнуть зменшити свої витрати від 20 до 50%, слід вивчити питання встановлення дахової сонячної електростанції на своїй приватній ділянці. 

So  farmers or agrarians who want to reduce their costs by 20 to 50%, they should consider installing a rooftop solar power plant on their private plot. 

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Energy audit of agricultural enterprises and own consumption 

The use of alternative energy sources and improving energy efficiency is one of the strategic issues in the development of the entire agribusiness. The Unisolar team provides an expert assessment of the current energy consumption of farms and agricultural enterprises, and then makes recommendations on the possible installation of solar stations. As a rule, there are two goals for this: to increase the company’s energy efficiency or to meet its own consumption needs. Energy audits of agricultural enterprises are ordered, including for the purpose of obtaining passive income for farmers from solar panels.

 It consists of the following steps:

1. Receiving information from the customer regarding the energy consumption for the year / month / day. 

2. Analysis of the received data with internal networks of the customer. 

3. Search for a centralized reset point (for own needs). 

4. Preparation of a proposal to determine the maximum effective capacity of the station for own consumption. 

As a result, energy audits and changes proposed by experts can reduce energy consumption and increase productivity.

Energy independence of agricultural enterprises 

Every Ukrainian company strives to be energy independent, and for this it is necessary to expand energy sources. That is to develop “clean” energy. Installed solar panels provide energy independence for farmers and agrarians.

Europe’s agricultural markets have already moved to agro-voltaics as a concept of dual land that is used for farming and energy independence. In addition, renewable energy, which is used to grow products, affects its cost. In Italy, agronomists get higher wheat yields due to shading from solar panels. Similarly, French scientists have determined that the yield of berry and vegetable crops is affected by shading. And in China, agrovoltaics is developing dynamically in the cultivation of popular goji berries.

For Ukraine, this is still a new direction of the development of the agricultural sector. But the sooner the agricultural sector uses all the innovations, the faster it will get benefits. 

If you want to find out how to become a fully autonomous agricultural enterprise, order an energy audit from Unisolar experts. 

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