SOLAR CANOPIES FOR ELECTRIC CARS  (solar carpots) – it’s a way to energy independence 

How to use e-mobility for business and personal needs.

 Electric cars instead of conventional cars have become a new trend to change the environmental situation in cities. According to a study by the IRS Group, the number of electric vehicles in the country is increasing every year. According to the forecast, in 2024 it may increase 7 times (up to 246,000 units). Due to the need to constantly charge electric cars, owners are looking for more favorable conditions.

 There is a slow charge (several hours) of alternating current and a quick charge (about 30 minutes) of direct current with the help of stations located in the city. Having your own equipment allows you to make charging an electric car not only more convenient, but also profitable if you install solar carports.

What are solar carports?

This is a solar station that forms a canopy for cars, parking lots or the roof of the garage of a private house at the most optimal angle. Their purpose is to protect the car from the sun and other weather factors, as well as to obtain energy for charging the electric car. To do this, you need to install a charger (e-mobility) and connect it to the solar system. The station, powered by solar carports, will help businesses and private homes save electricity and add energy independence. That’s how  hinged solar power plants can not only power the house, but also turn the roof area into the main generator of electricity for electric cars.

Use of solar canopies 

Solar power plants can be equipped with charging stations for electric cars for personal consumption by individuals. A station is installed under the carport and connected to the “smart” house system 2

 Charging stations for electric vehicles are integrated at enterprises (for example, as solar canopies in the parking lots of business centers and malls, on the roof of gas stations). 

Work under the “green” tariff for the sale of electricity to the external network. 

Advantages of installing car solar canopies

Anyone can install an electric car charging station for themselves with the permission of the housing department  or condominiums. The additional installation of a solar carport helps to save energy on the charging station for electric cars. Owners of restaurants, hotels, parking lots, supermarkets, shopping malls earn on e-mobility. This increases customers  loyalty and influences the choice of competitors. And the use of a solar car ports speeds up the return on investment. From the first day of the equipment work, the company can receive passive income. In addition, solar parking lots located in large areas can significantly cover the company’s own needs. If a company uses alternative energy sources, it is more socially responsible because it helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Solar canopies as a way of an energy independence

 In the UK, the first charging station for electric cars was built, which works exclusively on solar modules. It can charge up to 36 cars at a time, even in a  bad weather condition or at night. Such a station is completely energy independent. Energy independence is an urgent issue for Ukraine. After all, tariffs for legal entities are rising every year, there are planned outages, and voltage fluctuations and power outages disrupt production. When using solar stations, the company’s power grid does not change. And solar electricity can compensate for the energy needs of the whole enterprise and even increase profitability.

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