Industrial solar station on a turn-key basis

What is the advantage of it for businesses?

 In terms of searching for the solutions to reduce their costs, companies consider the installation of solar stations as a way to optimize resources for electricity. Because obtaining energy from external power grids is more expensive than generating ecological energy. There are two ways: to use the alternative energy for own consumption or to sell the excess of a “green” tariff. Both are beneficial for the owner and gives the company the energy independence.

Industrial solar station for business 

It allows to optimize costs from 20% to 50%. Saving depends on the capacity of the enterprise and the installed solar stations on a turn-key basis. Before implementing a project in your production it is necessary to calculate the payback of the solar station. Unisolar experts help with this: they analyze the nature of consumption, determine the optimal capacity of the future station and create a project budget based on its maintenance for the next 5 years (estimated payback period). An industrial solar power plant gives the company the energy independence – This is a significant advantage for many  owners to make decisions.

Why do the enterprise needs a solar station 

The solar stations for the enterprise is installed for own consumption to cover up 90% of needs due to the produced energy. When a company has large areas  but doesn’t  consume much energy, it installs solar panels and sells excess energy to the state at a special “green” rate. Or to be energy independent forever and in case of disconnection of the main power supply, use an alternative source. These are the main reasons for installing a solar station on a turn-key basis. 

Stages of the solar station implementation

 After miscalculations regarding to the profitability of the station and its possible payback for the investor, experts prescribe a plan for its implementation. It includes a list of necessary equipment, deadlines, approval of vacant areas for optimal installation of solar panels. Then the installation of the station on a turn-key basis takes place, with mandatory inspections of its work according to standards and testing.

Why a solar station is a profitable investment even without a “green” tariff 

Because the company is becoming more energy independent and in places with interruptions in external energy supply, it will not fail. Because the solar panels in case of power outages are able to provide the needs of the enterprise. Alternative energy sources are increasingly complementing or even replacing expensive sources of energy. Investing in solar industrial plants is an additional tool for earning with a special “green” tariff, which we have repeatedly written about.

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