Analazing companies for the installation of solar stations for business or households on a turn-key basis, we advise you to pay attention to the experience in Ukraine, the list of panel manufacturers and the range of services it provides. 

Solar stations on a turn-key basis for business

Unisolar has been operating steadily in the solar energy market of Ukraine for over 12 years. We select and complete  equipment on a turn-key basis  from standard to non-standard solutions. It is an official distributor and service partner of international panel and inverter manufacturers. In addition to the installation of turnkey solar stations, we provide service and repair, provide consulting services for obtaining permits.

The services for the installation of solar power plants include, first, the development of the project and the preparation of permits to begin construction. Unisolar experts develop an individual business model depending on the goals and capacity of the future station. Secondly, Unisolar staff has qualification certificates from equipment manufacturers and perform all types of installation work to put the project into operation. Thirdly, we advise about obtaining licenses and help to connect the “green” tariff. It will be profitable itself in the future 3-5 years. 

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Official equipment supply for solar power plants 

Unisolar has its own storage facilities, which makes it possible to store replacement stock and timely deliver the necessary equipment for solar power plants throughout Ukraine. These include:

 • solar panels;

 • inverters; 

• DC / AC protection kits;

 • fastening;

 • cables, conductors.

 Together with the order we provide consultations and select products of the required configuration, make a detailed calculation, pre-book products up to 7 days without prepayment. Then we order and officially deliver products to Ukraine without intermediaries. We work with dealers at wholesale prices and only with high quality equipment.

Authorized service of solar power plants

We have official guarantees for all products and equipment from manufacturers for up to 30 years. We perform operational and scheduled maintenance of the solar station. If necessary – we train the technical staff of the customer, conduct trainings and seminars. 

Solar power plants are installed for the purpose of return on investment and profitability. Unisolar’s technical solutions and support help. 

More about the capabilities of the Unisolar service department –

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