The company Unisolar specializes not only in the installation and maintenance of stations, but also in training for solar station staff. 

Training the staff of your solar power plant

 Solar power plants require regular monitoring of the operation of modules in order to timely eliminate breakdowns and adjust the efficiency of the station. Therefore, companies that already have solar power plants in their portfolio or are just planning to build a power plant are building their own maintenance staff. At Unisolar, we offer a practical training course for your station’s staff. 

Investing in your team by training SES maintenance experts is another opportunity to get exclusive conditions for the supply of new equipment for a solar power plant. Before deciding whether to take a course for your staff, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with its benefits.

Benefits of training your own solar station staff

 • At first, we help to form a competent team of specialists for the appropriate work at your solar power plant. Next, we develop an individual course program specifically for your type of station, so that engineers have practical skills to properly support its vital functions.

 • Secondly, after the training course for SES staff, the need for services of service organizations can be significantly reduced, as their own experts can quickly eliminate technical difficulties at the facilities. During the training, possible emergencies at your power plant are considered and algorithms are developed to eliminate them. This significantly reduces the risk of station failure. 

• Third, we control the quality of the studied material by assessing the stages of training and practical tasks, and not only provide methodological recomendations.

Course structure 

The course for self-employed solar power staff consists of five blocks. 

1. Work on the project documentation. This is the study and development of basic skills in working with documentation, which also includes reading electrical circuits. 

2. Security measures. Before starting work on the installation of the station, the staff studies all the stages of disconnection of the power supply, checks the absence of operating voltage and monitors the safety of the workplace at all stages. 3. Equipment of personal protection. Acquaintance with the list and application of all tools of the electrician, the basic electroprotective means to 1000 (In) and means of individual protection of a workplace.

4. Photovoltaic modules and DC cables. Principles of control measurements of circuit parameters, connection of modules, MC4 and principles of operation of PV modules. 

5. Inverter equipment and AC cables. How to perform control measurements of circuit parameters using special equipment, what are the basic electrical connections, the principles of the inverter and how to read and eliminate their errors.  

After  completion of the course, staff receive a certificate from Unisolar confirming the qualifications of each employee.

 To clarify the details, deadlines and cost of training to maintain the solar station – fill out the contact form on the website of the Unisolar Academy –

 And let the efficiency and uninterruptedness of the station be in the hands of your specialists.

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