Seminar from UNISOLAR 07.08.19 З FRONIUS and JINKO

Sep 12, 2021

Every year Unisolar tries to organize at least one seminar for its partners – dealers from all over Ukraine. Each time we invite representatives of equipment manufacturers to present their innovations, stories about technical characteristics and for direct answers to customer questions. 

In 2019, we held two interesting seminars. One seminar was  with representatives of Azzurro and ZNShine. And the second seminar we held with representatives of companies such as Fronius and JinkoSolar. 

The event took place in Kyiv on the 7th of August, 2019. Together we managed to put together  about 50 dealers from all over Ukraine. Unisolar, as the organizers, made sure that the seminar was as interesting and rich as possible. Between interesting speeches were warm conversations over lunch and coffee, and at the end, representatives of Fronius and JinkoSolar personally presented certificates. 

Speakers of the seminar:

 Benjamin Fischer, Regional Manager, company Fronius

 Eugene Prydatko, Jinko Development Manager, Eastern Region 

At the seminar the speakers talked about the novelties of their equipment – Gen24, Tauro and photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 425 watts. They talked about their companies, features and capabilities of each company, which helps dealers in the future to better present and then sell their equipment. And, of course, after each block of the presentation there were many questions to the manufacturers. A lot of people were interested in possibilities and even the biggest warranty cases. The most interesting were the new inverters, which could be seen inside. 

Why are such seminars important and why does Unisolar organize them for free? 

First, the field of alternative energy is a relatively new direction for Ukraine  and quality knowledge and information are available only from foreign sources and paid seminars. Our mission is to spread knowledge about solar energy and help dealers to be more knowledgeable about equipment and to be aware of new products. After all, the development of alternative energy is our common future. 

Secondly, free seminars are our principle. We want to share knowledge, introduce dealers to manufacturers and meet as often as possible with our partners located throughout Ukraine. 

And of course, we encourage partners to work with us. For example, every year we organize a trip to the Fronius plant in Austria, for the most active buyers of their equipment. They have the opportunity to see all stages of production, the central office and visit neighboring cities with an interesting tour.

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