What is the partnership program of the solar stations  construction  from Unisolar consist of? 

Unisolar’s mission is to message  to society the importance of switching to solar energy for our common future. As a part of this mission we have developed a partnership program that makes this transition mutually beneficial and safe for all parties. 

How to make money on solar energy in Ukraine 

The first option is to invest in the installation of solar stations in enterprises or households. For recouping investments to  connect the “green” tariff and earn by selling the generated electricity to the centralized network. Unisolar experts develop a project plan, prepare the necessary documentation, perform construction and installation and service the solar power plant 24/7. In addition, we support  safeguards obligations in Ukraine, because  we are the official distributor of international manufacturers. 

The second option is to become a partner of Unisolar in involving new interested customers. And that’s how to get  a profit immediately after in  advance payment for the  future solar power plant project on a turn-key basis.

Terms of the partnership program 

If you decide to work with Unisolar, you can choose the partnership option: 

Fixed rate  1,000$. It is paid for involving  a client who is  interested  in installing a power plant after in  advance payment to a facility with a capacity of 100 kW. 

Involving an interested client. In case of attracting a client, holding a working meeting with him and the manager of Unisolar, you receive 1.5% of the contract amount without VAT after the customer in advance payment. It is paid on  conditions for the realization a station with a capacity of 100 kW with a minimum contract amount of 70,000 euros.

Fixed rate  500$. For involving  an interested client in the implementation of a home solar station with a capacity of 30 kW, you receive a fixed payment of  500$. It is paid after receiving the subscription for the object.

Safety of the sides 

All relations regarding negotiations and remuneration are regulated by the contract. It takes into account the terms of the partnership, the amount of remuneration and the time frames of its receipt.

Why solar station is a profitable investment

The solar station for business attracts investors with its payback about 5 years. Unisolar experts will help calculate the profitability of the future solar station for industry. During the 12 years of its existence on the market, the company has sold more than 250 MW throughout Ukraine. The level of profitability of the station depends on its capacity, quality of equipment and regularity of service. Passive income at solar stations is obtained due to the “green” tariff.

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