Solar stations for business and investments Solar stations for business and investments

Solar stations for business and investments

Equipment supply, designing, connection to the “Green” tariff, service.
Solar stations under the Solar stations for business and investments

Solar stations under the "Green" tariff.

Obtaining licenses, connections, regulatory work, sales agreement with the State Enterprise "Guaranteed Buyer"
Solar stations for own consumption of enterprises Solar stations under the

Solar stations for own consumption of enterprises

Supply of official equipment, design, installation and construction, warranty conditions.
Service of solar power plants Solar stations for own consumption of enterprises

Service of solar power plants

Audit, operational and operational maintenance, monitoring (scheduling), generation forecasting.



We at Unisolar have been developing and implementing turnkey projects for more than 12 years.


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We have been trusted by foreign partners and clients from the CIS for more than 12 years.

Unisolar is a turnkey company for the supply of equipment and projects for solar power plants.

For 12 years we have sold more than 250 MW in various projects in the markets of Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Our company is the official distributor and service partner for the supply of equipment and components for solar power plants.

Unisolar is a bank accreditation, a team of experts and round-the-clock service support.


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What is the cost of a solar power plant?

The cost of SES depends on the type of station and its capacity, its location and complexity of construction.

To order a payment, find out the prices of all services and information about logistics centers, contact us.

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What are the types of solar power plants?

The main types of SES:
– Mains – direct current from the batteries enters the inverter, which converts it into AC. Usually used under the “green” tariff. Does not require batteries, all excess energy goes to the general network.
– Autonomous – (direct current) – in contrast to the network can provide uninterruptible power supply. In addition to the standard installation, the station provides storage systems.
– Hybrid – involves the use of combined sources of renewable energy and can combine the properties of backup and network SES.

Where can I install a solar power plant?

Solar power plants and photovoltaic batteries can be installed on specially designated land plots, on the roofs of buildings and industrial premises or on the facade of a building. Configuration may vary by requirements and location.

It is optimal to place solar panels on the ground or on roofs in places with high levels of insolation. The required number of solar panels, inverter power and additional equipment is calculated according to the needs of electricity consumption.

Where to buy solar panels?

You can get acquainted with the types of solar panels, solar inverters and their technical characteristics in our online store.
Here you can buy equipment and components from world manufacturers.

We are the official distributor and service partner of photovoltaic panels Jinko Solar, ZNShine, Longi, GCL and inverters Fronius, Azzurro, SMA, Huawei, Victron Energy in Ukraine.

We work with suppliers without intermediaries and have all the quality certificates. Delivery is carried out in the shortest possible time. We guarantee fulfillment of obligations and free technical support on all issues.

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    Specialized equipment for generating ecological electricity

    Electricity is a necessary resource to ensure the operation of many vital processes. You can get the necessary stock in different ways, including self-extraction. Solar power plants are becoming increasingly popular. Solar energy is a branch of alternative energy that has developed quite dynamically in the modern world. There are several reasons for this: cheap electricity due to available inexhaustible resources and ecological production, which is not accompanied by emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Also the reason was the possibility of installing such a power plant anywhere. This can be a specially designated area, the facade of the house or the roof.

    SES operation is provided by special technical equipment. Electricity is generated by solar panels, which absorb the sun’s energy. As a result of inverter conversion, it is converted into electricity. To create an electricity generation station, it is enough to properly develop a project and select the necessary equipment. This can be done with the help of Unisolar specialists who specialize in solar power plant projects. The company also supplies special equipment and has foreign partners.

    Basic types of solar panels and their features

    Solar energy in Ukraine is gaining momentum, due to the availability of conditions for electricity production by cheaper methods. Extraction can be provided by a quality project and organization of SES. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of technical equipment. Solar panels play a key role, so it is important to focus on the available options and their characteristics.

    There are the following types of batteries:

    monocrystalline – high-performance panels based on silicon (efficiency is 18-40%), have a homogeneous structure and color, requires a small area for placement, work is carried out due to the high degree of purification of silicon, have a long service life (25 to 30 years), models from the world’s leading manufacturers are able to provide productivity even in the morning and evening and in heavy clouds;
    polycrystalline – require a lot of space for installation, are made by alloying a large number of silicon crystals, the panels have a square or rectangular shape, the efficiency is 12-22%, the service life is about 25 years;
    thin-film – made of amorphous silicon or other semiconductor materials, have additional spraying and current-carrying components, are low efficiency due to low silicon in the structure.

    The price of solar panels directly depends on performance and production process. Monocrystalline – the most expensive, but justify all costs the fastest. The total cost of the project is affected by the whole set of equipment and installation work. Therefore, all aspects should be taken into account.

    Turnkey autonomous solar power plants from Unisolar

    It is quite difficult to create solar power plants in Ukraine on your own. This process involves not only the design and acquisition of technical base, but also the legal aspect. Environmentally friendly energy, which can be produced independently, is quite attractive. It is now possible to install solar panels on the roof of the house or to equip a specially designated area. With proper design, a stand-alone power plant has many advantages:

    the ability to fully provide themselves or their own production with a source of energy and light;
    provided there are storage batteries, you can create a supply of electricity;
    connection of electrical appliances and lighting for own territory and house without connection to the general electric network;
    independence from the general power supply system;
    saving electricity costs;
    enjoying the benefits of the “green tariff”;
    environmental friendliness of SES without environmental pollution;
    long-term operation of equipment made of quality materials;
    exclusion of costs for expensive services of connection to the usual system of electricity supply.

    Unisolar has been working in this direction for more than 12 years and offers favorable terms of cooperation. All the benefits of stand-alone solar power plants will be available once a team of experts has completed the tasks. Installation and construction work should be entrusted to experienced specialists. Unisolar is a team that works only with equipment from leading manufacturers and the baggage of knowledge in the field of energy.

    Where to buy quality equipment for SES?

    It is not difficult to buy solar panels at the moment, it is enough to turn to specialists. Experienced company Unisolar offers a range of services for the implementation of SES projects. For this purpose modern technological possibilities are used. You can buy a power plant in Kiev, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. Unisolar provides the following services:

    design, installation and maintenance of SES;
    carrying out of all complex of construction and assembly robit;
    calculation of the technical side of the issue, as well as the payback conditions of the created project;
    analysis of data on different types of SES, selection of the optimal solution;
    qualified support during the whole process of cooperation from experts;
    search and analysis of land plots, buildings, houses on which the arrangement of SES is planned.